Dodge Journey Trim Options and Features

Dodge offers Journey vehicles in various trims, which include the SE, SXT, and GT. The Blacktop Package is included with each of these automobiles.

Multiple designer features make the Blacktop Package are practical consumer option for motorists. Along the front of every Dodge Journey vehicle, you'll find a black grille with a glossy coating. This grille has a color tone that blends with a traditional black paint scheme on a Dodge vehicle, and it makes other colors on a Dodge vehicle that are bright and vibrant standout. Because the Blacktop Package is a stylish package option, all trims also have a trendy fascia with black paint, sleek mirrors with black housing, and bold, black headlamp bezels.

In order to test all of the features that make the Dodge Journey a unique automobile, you'll need to take the vehicle out for a test drive. If you want to cruise on various roads in the local area in a 2018 Dodge Journey, visit Ramey Tazewell today.



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