Ram’s powertrain features paired with innovative technology create optimal towing capacity for drivers to rely on. So, whether you’re starting your journey on Tazewell Avenue or off the beaten path, Ram drivers can depend on the capability of the 1500 series.

Capability features available in the Ram 1500 are designed to get you started and keep you going no matter how heavy your trailer is. Hill Start Assist enables drivers to move forward while starting on a hill or incline. The system monitors your Ram to detect when it is on an incline to maintain brake pressure as you move your foot from the brake to prevent from rolling backwards. Integrated Trailer Hitch secures the connection between the truck and the trailer via a four-and-seven-pin trailer hitch wiring harness that integrates with the bumper. Trailer Sway Control keeps drivers in control by monitoring for excessive trailer sway. If the system detects excessive sway, pressure is automatically applied to individual wheel brakes to maintain stability.

Interested in learning more? Virginia drivers near North Tazewell, Abingdon, Wytheville, Lebanon, and Princeton, West Virginia can stop by Ramey Tazewell for a test drive today.

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