The new Chevrolet Colorado is a great SUV for those looking to get the latest in car technology. The headlights on this new vehicle are designed with advanced LED lights that will help you see better and reduce glare. The blind-spot monitor helps drivers avoid accidents by alerting them when vehicles may be in the driver's blind spot, and it can even provide backing assistance!

A blind spot monitor uses radar technology to sense when another car is in the driver's blind spot. Sometimes called a blind zone monitor, it sends out an invisible beam from the side mirrors of the vehicle. If it detects anything within one of these invisible beams, such as a car or truck, it will use an indicator light to show the driver that a vehicle is nearby.

High-end models of the new Chevy Colorado have a second indicator light in the side mirrors, adding another layer of safety. This second light illuminates when a car enters one of your blind spots, drawing your attention to it and reminding you not to change lanes.


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